International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) –USA

Activity Title:
Empower persons with disability by providing equal rights and opportunities through strengthening mainstream services
This is second year of IMHO support. This project proposes to ‘ensure equal and sufficient educational, medical and social services for children with disability’ by strengthening education system to access children with disability for schooling, equipping health system to manage and rehabilitate children with disability and strengthening social network to safe guard the rights of person with disability. This project seems to be an ongoing project of ASNN and backbone activities of the organization and persons with disability of the region. ASNN volunteer teachers are main service providers of person with disability and they used to coordinate other benefits for persons with disability with relevant authorities.

American Jewish World Service - AJWS

ajwsActivity Title:
Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) of children with special needs
ASNN support 16 special needs units in Ampara district, 45 volunteer teachers are working with these. AJWS sponsored for this activity and mainly for the wages of these teachers and the training of these teachers. Purpose of this project was to ensure quality educational services for children with special needs in Sri Lanka through special needs educational units and teacher training. AJWS continued their support from 01.01.2009 to 31.12.2014. With the support of this project all children with special needs excluded from mainstream classes attend special classrooms that function within government schools.


KINDERBERG International (KBI)

Activity Title:
Disability and Development – ASNN Regular Activities
ASNN was established in collaboration with government disability actors (Departments of Education, Health and Social services) and The KBI, and ASNN took over the all activities of KBI relating to the disability. So, KBI supported to ASNN to sustain the activities. KBI mainly focused Organizational capacity building, sustain the Disability related Projects,  a system  established for the medical needs of children with disability and additional support for two Special Education Units in Kalmunai and Navithanveli divisions.


United Nation Development Programme (UNDP)

Activity Title:
Improving friendly environment through access to education and livelihood support.
UNDP provided funding in form of a micro- capital grant to alleviate poverty of the vulnerable rural village population with children with disability, affected by conflict and tsunami through provision of assistance to improve their livelihood.

Under this project three Special Education units received playing items and teaching aids, 60 parents/ guardian of children with special needs received revolving loan to develop their business and special needs units were strengthened by making visibility materials, monitoring system.


Activity Title:
Empower Persons with Disability by providing equal rights and opportunities through community participation.
This project proposed to ‘Empower Persons with Disability by providing equal rights and opportunities through community participation’ with two objectives; to establish a mechanism to ensure the rights of persons with disability  and enhance the quality of services offered to them and to advocate the rights based approaches to ensure the inclusion of person with disability into mainstream services. USAID (SPICE) supports for capacity building of our organization apart from this project.

Other Organizations Contributed to Develop Services

SN Organizations Country Activities
1 Bostan Thamil Association USA Regular activities
2 World Vision – Lanka Sri Lanka Regular activities
3 ADRA Sri Lanka Flood Relief
4 DwDN Sri Lanka Special Needs Units
5 Dutch Social Workers Holland Administration
6 MOTIVATION Sri Lanka Wheel Chair

Individual Donors

SN Name Address
1 Dr.N.Arif DMO, DH, Sainthamaruthu.
2 T.L.Difasathullah Jaya Road, Maruthamunai.
3 M.R.M.Hameem No 206, Library Road, Maruthamunai
4 A.R.Kiyas Bakiyathus Salihath Road, Maruthamunai
5 A.L.N.A.Afeel Police Office, Kalmunai
6 N.Riyasath Top Pc & Phone House, Main Street,Maruthamunai
7 Suhail Jamaldeen Maruthamunai Online,
8 A.R.M.Azeem Aseem’s Abaya, Imam Gassaly Road, Maruthamunai.
9 Dr.J.H.Mazahir Maruthamunai