ASNN is collaborating with the Department of Education to implement the policy of installing special units for children with special needs in government schools in every area of Ampara District.

The Network supports the special units in terms of school and physical therapy supplies, training for the teachers and educational exposure. ASSN has installed 17 special units in different government schools within the district for the three years that it has been consistent.

Rehabilitation process in school:

The parent will fill- up the application form upon enrolment.

Teachers will closely observe the child for the first six weeks to have a clear understanding of the child’s ability, leading to the diagnosis.
From the observation, the teacher and the child’s parent will complete the assessment form.
Immediately after the assessment, the teacher will prepare the individual plan of action and this will be reviewed after six months and a daily action plan based on the six month plan of action.
Types of membership

There are two types of membership under special unit program; Associate member and Full member.

The Associate member is where a special unit operation is co-managed by ASNN and associate member (i.e. Non-government or Government) and the unit funding is shared.

The full member, is the type of membership where funding is fully supported by ASNN. Membership is open to both the non-government and government organizations.

Membership criteria for Special Needs Unit:

The teacher must meet the minimum requirement established by the ASNN They will undergo the teacher’s training program.

Special needs unit must pass the ASNN accessibility, facilities and safety minimum standard.
Members must give full access to all state players responsible for children with Special Needs i.e. Department of education, Child Protection, Social Welfare and Department of health.

The member of the unit must participate in the ASNN meetings, essential activity and celebration, and allow ASNN to conduct monitoring