The main Aim of the network Is Advocacy:

ASNN Social Support Network, provides a forum for special needs Children, special needs adults, organizations, friends, parents, teachers and supporters working on advocacy for special Needs. We achieve this aim through our social network.

ASNN continues to partner with local and international non-government organizations to provide income generating activities for the parents with children enrolled in the special units, enabling parents to support the basic needs as well as transportation expenses.

Also, an “ASNN day” will be held once a year— a get together for all our children, families and partners. The main goal of this activity is to celebrate and recognize the contribution of our brothers and sisters with special needs in social development and discuss the issues that remained to be undertaken jointly by parents, teachers, the government, non-government organizations and civil society.


ASNN have regular Get-togethers for all children with special needs, their parents and teachers and well wishers. The main aims of these get-togethers are to join together with parents, teachers, families and friends of children and adults with special needs to celebrate Specialness and recognise their skills and abilities. Other state and NGO special needs actors support and participate in these quarterly events.

Motivation of State Actors:

Persuade state actors to supply services for “children and adults with special needs.” The group receives active professional support from the departments of Education, Child Protection, Social Welfare and UNICEF sponsored groups. These professionals empower Network Members to raise awareness in their own communities about their own children and the needs to integrate people with Special Needs into the wider community.

Inter-agency cooperation:

Participation in district and nation forums related to Special Needs. (A) “Psycho Social Forum”; a monthly forum for psychosocial actor hosted by the Peace and community action (NGO). (B) “Disability actors’ coordination meeting”; a forum of disability actors as hosted by Handicap International. Outcomes for these forums include: interagency funding, bi-lateral services, interagency staff training, prevents duplication of services and creates a coherent single voice on advocacy for Special Needs.
Services for Youth and Adults:

Up to 2009 Network has worked mostly with families and friends of children attending the ASNN Special Needs Units.

Further funding is urgently needed to reach teenagers and adults. Special Needs teenagers and adults are in urgent need of access to training on life skills and potential financial independence through vocational training.